California Dreamin’

All the leaves are brown, and the skies are grey…….
California dreamin’ on such a winters day.
Mama’s and the Papas

My dreamin’ will be reality when my plane lands in Sacramento next Thursday at noon. I was thinking of this on the trail today humming this tune as the rain dripped from my raingear. There will be lots to do before I leave for a short respite. If I had a hired hand, I could blog all the way up until I lock the door. But no, It’s up to me to get my you know what together, and take care of business around the place before leaving. So I won’t be blathering into the blogoshpere for one whole week! Egads! Oh my virtual world feels like it’s crashing.

So In case of a crash let me send out one last thought of non epic proportions.

A little something from a great little blog The Feminist Farmers Wife:

“There’s nothing the years and gravity will have taken from me
that I need to have back again.”

Ponderings from the trail.

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