Push Mama from the LOVE TRAIN

That was my first choice of title for this post, because egads!, a whole week of talk about Love? If you think I have taken this theme way to far and long and that I’m refusing to jump this train willingly, you have my permission to give this mama a shove, politely, for virtual reals that is.

So my alternate and summarily final title on the subject is (for reals),

‘It’s All About The Heart”

Not the intangible thoughts and feelings from the heart but the actual physical blood pumping organ.

You see I was still aboard the Love Train at this point and it just so happened that HH had a scheduled check up with the cardiologist and we went together, yeah, on Valentines Day. I didn’t want to at first, but what the heck, it was Valentines Day and I could see the humor. And I asked myself, “could this not be anymore fitting for a couple of weird ol‘ birds like us to fondly remember (if we remember) at some other more romantic setting in the future?” Like at a table for two overlooking the rocky sea shore for instance.

But then lo and behold I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised.

First, we were escorted by a very amiable and accommodating nurse to a lovely room with very comfy seating for two.

On the room’s lavender painted walls hung this heart shaped art piece. It was a nice touch.

As we waited for the cardiologist we occupied ourselves with the intricate workings of the human heart, the muse and inspiration of Valentines Day.

Then we flirted and meddled with this model while we waited, engrossed with right and left ventricles.

And then he arrived, our congenial and colorfully attired host. And then what happened next probably made this the most significant and memorable Valentines Day I will ever have. And probably the best.

It happened in the brief quiet moments as the Doc fiddled with some knobs on the heart monitor and then, I saw the beat of my beloveds heart as it appeared on the monitor screen and subsequently etched on graph paper that ticked out . It was something, really.

Misty eyed I almost asked for the Doc’s stethoscope for a listen too, almost. But in the next few seconds, feeling a little more composed, I thought maybe, just this time, I would only ask if he would be so kind as to let me take his picture for the occasion. And he graciously agreed.

What a sweet H-E-A-R-T

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