Love Quilt

If you’ve read about my quilt here, then you know that I have haphazardly been working on it for-EV-er. But guess what? Yep, I finished it! Just a few minutes ago. I can’t believe it.

When I knotted the thread for the very last time, I tugged on it gently until it popped just like it’s supposed to just under the fabric backing.

Well, I’ll be, I’m done.

I might just have to marvel at it the whole dadgum day.

It’s a sampler quilt of old heritage patterns like the Churn Dash, Ohio Star, Star and Compass, 24 Patch On Point and Card Trick. 100 % Cotton fabric and batting, and completely hand stitched ya’ll.

Pardon me if I’m impolite in relishing in what is a big accomplishment for this cottage woman. I’m having a moment.

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I will give it to my sweetheart on Valentines Day, with all the loving sentiments I can muster.

Now if you think that’s corny, I got more tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Love Quilt

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Oh Betty, it is beautiful!! Fitz is going to love it! I wish I would have taken a closer look at it the other day, but please don't forget to show it to me next time I see you. This is a huge accomplishment being totally hand-stitched…woman, you deserve your moment in the sun!! Bow down and accept your adoration – very cool!

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