Sisters. I got lots of them. I am from a big family and my older sister and I are less than a year apart. My mom treated us kinda like twins. We frequently wore the same outfits and hairstyles. But we were not a well to do family. Quite the opposite, as is true of many families.

Rit Dye was just the trick for my frugal mother. And a pair of scissors were an artists tool in her hands as she rendered two small toddlers the same hairdo. I cringed at the bobby pins though and did not tolerate them well to the disappointment of my homemaker gone stylist mom. And I haven’t mentioned my three older brothers and their dealings with mom and her clippers.

Mmhmm. yeah. One heck of a mom!

So I carry with me by osmosis my mother’s frugal sensibilities. And when I want to show my Sibs how dearly loved they are, I only need to look in my own bag of tricks. Here is my latest.

If you have a stash of cards with the little music player inside then you know how long-g-g-g-g-g-g lasting those gizmos are. So why not re-cycle, re-do, re-gift them to the ones you love. Beats standing in Hallmark looking for the perfect card. Been there, done that.

I used a photo from my computer archives, and a Lady Marmalade playing birthday card I received from another sister. I decided to just sign my name to her sentiments, cuz well, were sisters, and we love each other alike.

I crafted an envelope from plain brown craft paper.
Rubber stamped some details,


Mooka-choka lata ya ya !

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