House Flip

House Flip? Who does that these days you may wonder.

Well, er, we do.

Because we have lots of cash laying around? No, not at all. Because we have lots of time on our hands? Oh no. Because were gluttons for punishment? Well, maybe, depends on how you look at it. I’ll let you decide.

We remodeled a house last summer and just recently closed on it in a little under 3 months from the day the For Sale sign went up. Preposterous you say? It does seem a tad IMPOSSIBLE according to the average DOM (days on market) statistics for our area. But we did it. And here’s how.

First we picked a home that was in distress. A no brainer. Then we joined forces with another couple. Misery needs company am I right?

Then we rolled up our sleeves to do a lot of this,

with frequent breaks to…

Sit and be Porch Monkeys.

Eventually we ended up with this.

But that was just the easy part. Then came the concessions one must make when trying to sell a home in a buyers market. Like an asking price reflective (translates: lower) for current market conditions. Completing cheerfully all requested work per addendum. Paying most if not all Realty fees and closing costs.

Saying yes’sir instead of no’sir, to people with clipboards. Maybe even throwing in, lets say, a home warranty for good measure. Basically doing everything but move the buyer’s furniture in.

But here’s the thing. We worked hard, played hard. and made great memories. We learned to do stuff we didn’t think we could do. We met a lot of helpful people along the way. Like the folks at Lowes ( our home away from home). And there is a nice family who love what we did and now call it home.

There’s no brass ring in what we do, our bank account is only slightly plumper now. And the Head Hillbilly won’t be quiting his day job anytime soon.

But we really are richer in knowledge and experience, and that in itself, does a body good.

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