Life With Eddies

Russell Creek is one of my favorite places to pause on the trail.

In Summer it has a relaxing bubbly sound as it meanders along with quiet little eddies formed here and there.

Now in Winter, it is loudly rushing onward and time is brief for any loose forest debris that has a mind to linger in those eddies.

Eddies, they are everywhere, all around us.

In the ocean…

arial view of gulf stream
(google images)

And even in the clouds

(google images)

And we need those eddies in life too. A necessary respite, even if briefly, to pause, reflect, and be refreshed for what lies ahead in our journey.

Because it would be on deaf ears to desperately cry out for Russell Creek or time to pause in it’s passage for it is adamant to rush on.

Musings from the trail.

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