The Wee Hours

I have come to prowling around at night. Padding around as quiet as mouse so as not to wake the Head Hillbilly before his alarm set for 4:30 goes off. But I am not alone here am I? I am not the only one sleepless in (named town here).

Not that I have chosen to be a night owl. It’s just the way it is more often than not these days. So rather than just to lay there twirling my hair, replaying in my mind each one of my childrens lives from birth to present, or going over tomorrows to do list (which will certainly include a nap), I get up, duh.

And this is what I have been doing in those wee hours.

Painting watercolor daffodils.

You were thinking maybe I was reading chapter zillion of “War and Peace” Huh?


But when painting daffodils doesn’t do the trick, I pour myself a cup of warm milk, fluff the pillows and try a small dose of this…

Works like a dreammm…zzzzz….

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