Clara’s Great Depression Cooking

It’s reported that at no time in history were we as close to a depression as we are right now. Predictions for recovery is speculative. No one really knows just when or how we will actually fare. Only time will tell. But when it comes to dealing with tough times and knowing how to buckle down when the going gets rough,

It’s Clara.

Clara Cannucciari
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The following is just one of many episodes of Clara’s Great Depression Cooking. Her poignant recollections helps put things in to perspective, and we are reassured that a humble meal of few ingredients when shared with loved ones is powerful good medicine in difficult times.

As Clara would say, “That’s a fact”.

3 thoughts on “Clara’s Great Depression Cooking

  1. sufolks says:

    Clara's cooking reminds me of my dad's cooking. He grew up during the depression also, and used to say that they lived on Campbell's soup, and bread and milk. They certainly are the “greatest generation”.
    Window On The Prairie

  2. C-ingspots says:

    My momn and dad grew up during the depression too, and those folks knew something about surviving hard times. This sounds good, think I might try it for dinner tonight.

  3. panthercreekcottage says:

    Suzanne,my husbands father said some of their meals consisted of a slice of bread with ketchup. A great time to share these stories don't you think? Thanks for sharing yours.

    Miss Lorie, anything you cook will be delicious, I should know.

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