Needle Pulling Thread

Whip stiching the cotton batting edges together.

My quilt has been a work in progress, oh lets say, for the last several years. My sister, who has joined me in hand stitching an entire 12 patch sampler quilt has already finished hers, oh lets say, several years ago. (grimace, grumble). My inability to stay on task and being disposed to always doing a little of everything, has come to a logger head. A jam, that needs undoing.

But that’s not the real reason or topic of this little story.

It’s about the needle pulling thread.

The relaxing yet focused repeated motion one does in putting two pieces of material together. Yes, a sewing machine could be employed. And perhaps my quilt begun so long ago might be gracing our bed by now. But the memories and motions that culminate in making something lovely by scratch, I will always remember. I dig it.

I will be finishing up the outside ege of the border with a blind hem stitch. It takes a little more finesse than the simple whip stitch. The blind part meaning that the stitch itself won’t be visible or barely visible according to my abilities. But that’s okay by me.
I’m almost there, yahoo!

While I relish this momentous occasion I have been thinking of Liane Tyrell. She is the creator of Enhabiten. And her wares are hand stictched wonders using vintage fabrics. In this video on Etsy, Liane gives you a glimpse into the pleasures of handmade from her 150 year old farmhouse.


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