Queenly pursuits

In my realm I am Queen Doodley Do. There is not one paper scrap around this place that doesn’t bear my signet. My queenly flourish graces envelopes, notepaper, newspaper, grocery receipts, you name it. It is by royal decree that I doodle swirly, curly lines in the shapes of the alphabet, hearts, flowers, leaves and the like.

Even the neighbors mail delivered mistakenly to my cottage palace bears the seal of queenly authenticity with my scrawled, Delivered To Wrong Address embellished with flounce and flourish, my mark.

But I have discovered another Queen Doodley Do. Her kingdom is renowned. Her doodles are extraordinary and the commoners hail her work.

I present you
Queen Jessica.

And strangely enough there is a common thread, a quirky quality that resonates in our dual Queendoms. Queen Jessica Doyle in this excerpt about her doodle called Cathedral said:

“I drew the pen marker drawing inside a Fabriano Quadrato Artist Journal on the 23rd of December while thinking about skyscrapers and how humans are stacked one on top of the other within them and how it’s better to live on the upper most floors where the street noise is faint and water and sewer pipes are not continuously flowing within the walls.

This would explain why living in the uppermost kingdom IS as one may say, just ducky.

Queenly Post Script:
Did I mention that I doodle compulsively. And that if a pen, paper and me are in close proximity of one another, there is trouble. I even doodle on stuff in the Doctors office.

Sorry, Dr. Erickson.

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