She Rocks!

When I was eleven, I distinctly remember spending hours gazing up at the sky at my collection of cloud creatures. Sitting on our curb in suburbia while folks washed their cars on Saturday morning providing me with endless hours of floating little leaf boats on streams of soap bubble water. And mud pies, all young ladies were trained in the art, weren’t they? My how times have changed.

Meet my 11 year old grandaughter Madeline,


Mads and Daffodil, her Angora bunny.
And that’s just the beginning.

Mads gently but quickly (blurred photo action) grooms Daffodil.
In this way she gathers her lovely silky, silvery white Angora fiber.

Mads and her bag O’ fiber.
Courtesy of Miss Daffodil.

This is what Mads does when she’s not gazing up at cloud creatures.


She cards the fiber.


she spins the fiber to make yarn.


She knits the yarn.

(The large sour cream container is recycled into a holder for Mad’s ball of yarn. A little hole punched into the top of the lid for threading the yarn through helps keep her yarn tangle free and from escaping somewhere under furniture.


She covers her noggin with her knitted goods.



PS. Mads.
She’s also an expert at leaf boating.

3 thoughts on “She Rocks!

  1. C-ingspots says:

    What a talented and beautiful young lady she is…and how blessed you are to be her grandma!!
    I especially love that last photo of her holding her little brother – how sweet. :)

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