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Beware of the mesmerizing beat of the Circadian Rhythm. It’s near impossible for most folks not to embrace and move to it’s catchy groovy tune. And daylight savings is a real party buster intent on messing with our internal biological clocks keeping us to task for the sake of eking out every last drop of human productivity in a day.

It’s like this. If we were sunflowers our natural internal mechanism would have us raise our little heads toward the direction of the sun as it rises in the morning, following it’s passage and then gently nodding our heads toward dusk.  A nice little rest would follow until dawn and the whole process would occur naturally again. Sweet!

Wikepedia states that the Circadian Rhythm is a roughly 24 hr. cycle in the biochemical physiological or behavioral processes of all living entities on Earth.  The Circadian Rhythm is built in and self sustained, adjusting to the environment by external cues called zietgebers of which the primary one is daylight. I’m not making this up! And apparently not to blame that I have a hard time waking before daylight. It’s those pesky zietgebers! They’re out to get me. ;-)



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  1. C-ingspots says:

    Hello there my wonderful friend. God Bless you and I love you!! Have I told you lately how very much I admire you and cherish your friendship? No? Shame on me! I'm telling you now – dear, beautiful, creative, wonderful friend o'mine!!! I miss you and can't wait for the days when I can pop in my car and go for more walks in the woods with you and do some craftsy projects with you and go scouting for goodies in rusty, dusty old places with you…sounds heavenly! But, instead for now, let's go have breakfast soon! I've been catching up on all your blogging of late – girl, you've been bizzy!!! Very interesting stuff and very cool pics too!!! Call me when you wanna, oh and let's do a sauna night and have a coupla beers too kay???

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