Sprouting greens

Okay, my large red enamel cast iron soup kettle is now a permanent fixture on the stove. Ever at the ready for some Fazool, or like today, warm and creamy cauliflower potato soup. But just as adamant as I am to making comforting winter fare, I am equally constrained to avoid traditional salad for the fresh green part of our diet. All that sorting, trimming and slicing of multiple veggies that were part of our summer routine is over for the most part. Sprouting veggies that I can add to our soups, stir frys, or tuck into whole grain breads is the order of the day. With the added benefit of having powerful nutritional value to help your immune system to fend off flu and viruses during winter. You just can’t go wrong.

There are many ways to top your sprouting jar. I have a set of three plastic lids. Each with different size drainage holes to accommodate the specific seed being sprouted. I use the smallest for starting all my seed, but will switch out to the large when large seeds like mung and lentils begin to sprout. Of course the smallest is perfect for alfalfa, radish, and broccoli sprouts. If you don’t have these handy lids, a simple piece of folded cheese cloth and a rubber band will suffice. A canning jar or two and you are ready to sprout.

I buy my seeds for sprouting from my local health food store but you might want to check out the Sprout People for a bucket load of sprouting information as well as some great recipes for your bounty.

In 2 minutes you can watch the super happy Anna Wilde and her husband Roger of Wild Health Food regale you with the joys of sprouting.

I in my woolies, bid you g’day.

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