Frugal Gardening Tip

My mind is atwitter as every few days it seems, a new, bright, shiny, crisp seed catalog arrives in my mailbox. I love JANUARY! Rally I do darling. A little preview of my favorites and some sharing of one of my best frugal gardening tips. Grab some tea and join me.

Territorial’s website presents you right at the get go, some nifty ideas and suggestions. Like the great idea of using seed packets as stocking stuffers at Christmas. I would be giddy to find a packet of their organic DRUNKEN WOMAN FRIZZY HEADED lettuce seeds in my boot sock, er, stocking I mean. Fun.

Nichol’s website opens with words from the Gardeners Pantry. Expressions of the founders fertile philosophy the company is rooted in. I’ve met Marie and her husband when they gave a free presentation on container gardening. Delightful folks.

I like supporting both these small family companies as they are Oregon grown and experts on gardening in the Willamette Valley.

But other catalogs have bunched in my mailbox from larger standard companies too like Johnny’s Selected Seeds of Winslow Maine. They have some enticing offerings as well as from good old Burpee of Warminster Pennsylvania.

I’m glad for the catalogs in early January. For reals. It takes time for this cottage woman to plan out what I can really logically (if that’s possible) and physically aspire to in the garden for the coming season. I need to consider what is already put up in the pantry. Like pickles for instance. I have way too many jars of pickles. Enough at least to last 2011. So maybe just some slicing, lemon, or other specialty cuke will do.

But while I and hopefully you are getting your gardening groove revved up for spring, I want to share this frugal gardening tip. Try saving up your toilet paper and paper towel tubes over the year. While snuggled up all toasty warm for the winter you can create your own 3″by 2″ seed pots. Here’s how.

1. Start saving up all your toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Larger families of course can have an ample supply in no time.

2. Cut them into 3″ sections.

3. Take a section and press it flat. Open and press flat the opposite side. Your round tube section should now have 4 corners.

4. Cut approximately 1″ from each corner to make flaps.

5. Fold each flap in, overlapping to make a small box.

There you have it! a perfect paper seed pot.

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