Fire On The Mountain

For fun and entertainment, our grown children occasionally like to take their hillbilly folks into the Big City. In this case, Portland Oregon, just an hour from home. We seldom go to the city. My knees get weak. My heart palpitates. And I sometimes need a glass, maybe a growler of something special to unwind and relax. But my boy with a gleam in his eye took us here.

I thought, “why not, could be fun”. So I snapped a picture to document the momentous occasion properly. You gotta love this signage. The huge finger pointing hand clearly says to one, “GO IN”. There was no turning back now! Nope, no turning. Just diggin‘ in my heels (we country folks know how to do that) and backin‘ up a few dadgum steps.

To this place. Fire on the Mountain. Portland’s own buffalo wing joint. Chicken, I know chicken, I get chicken. So I got my groove on and sat down to some Cilantro Lime Buffalo Wings. My, they were tasty. My son had Habanero Wings. He also introduced me to deep fried pickles. I liked them, I really liked them! And for dessert? Deep fried Twinkies. Oh, well, they – were – heaven.

Buffalo wings are a New York Original, an East Coast favorite brought West. And ifin‘ I don’t know that all things head west like the settin of the sun. Portland’s environmental ethics are the standard here at Fire On The Mountain. Their restaurant is involved with the city’s composting (I dig it) program. All their packaging, utensils and paper products are from recycled materials and are biodegradable. Nothing goes to the landfill, even their deep fry oil is donated to a biofuel co-op. Go here to get a glimpse of their buffalo wing challenge and this funky cool little Portland eatery.

And prepare for napkins. Lots of napkins.

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