The Growler


You mean one of those mean ol’ black bars (bears) that live around these parts, son?
I had just emerged from a hike in the woods this foggy morning just in time to see my son who was heading to Fire Mountain Brewery , a cozy place situated in a lovely piece of wooded acreage just a bit up the road from our homestead.

I know what your thinking! I thought the same thing. What in the world, it’s 9am. son? You know we frown on drinking before 10, what were you thinking son? hee hee, ho ho, hooooo…

Then he produced a magnificent glass & pewter Growler. A Growler? And so began my lesson on this monster jug.

The Growler has it origins in Germany. It was customarily used at the turn of the century as a means of transporting fresh draft from brewery or brew pub. I always knew that Germany was famous for their beer steins, but I had never heard of the Growler. The Growler will hold 2L of fresh drawn brew. It’s gasketed ceramic stopper can keep it fresh for up to a week. I think it’s legal in the US to transport from brewery to home using this method, and it’s environmentally responsible.

Our son helped custom design this particular model with traditional pewter handle. Henry Gorgas, the brewmaster and owner of Fire Mountain Brewery presented him with this lovely piece of his handiwork. It was empty though, not a drop of the famous Bad  Henry.

I’m glad I happened to have  my camera handy when I bumped into my boy this fine foggy morning on Panther Creek.  


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