From The Trail

There is a trail I have been hiking over the years. It has some nice rises and dips and I hike only a mile in and then turn around at Turner Creek. Before heading home I often pause, watch, and listen to the stream , and give myself a few moments to reflect before heading back. It’s seems to be here where my lungs full of fresh country air, a little sweat on my brow (okay maybe a tad more) and the scenery fill my noggin with thoughts. Some duds I need to reconnoiter, but humdingers too. It’s been on this trail over the years, where I have cried, prayed, and been inspired.

Today, I have been reflecting on the surprising way in which God works. Christmas for us this year, is not about the tinsel and merriment. Disturbingly so. Certainly not the Christmas I think I would have chosen. But it has amazingly touched our lives, giving us a deeper perspective about the true meaning of Christmas. It has stretched us, rearranged our plans, and yet, with out a shadow of doubt, God has done it. He has made it so. Could it be that He has made us to see Him more clearly? Accept his will more readily, and is growing us up?

Dadgum it!

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