Christmas Lane

Christmas Lane typically makes one think of city streets and dazzling store fronts bedecked with sparkly decorations. Or rows of gingerbread houses. But I envision a much different Christmas Lane here at Panther Creek Cottage. One that would include a canopy of tree branches to stroll under. Douglas Fir boughs festooned with bright lights and festive decorations that would awe children.

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Whether it be Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, or a Noble Fir. It thrills me to know that folks will have a little bit of our country in their homes this Christmas. Unless of course you have one of those fake jobs. And that’s okay. Only. That pitchy green fir needle scent is ambrosia for the senses. It just speaks Christmas.

And so does snow. But there is not a flake in sight. We filled our quota of snow two years ago when this picture was taken, dubbed the Arctic Blast in our neck of the woods.

And the cookies? Oh yes, there will be cookies. Next time.

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