Every Christmas this lovely lady brings color

and cherished memories to our family.

This particular Zygocactus (Schlumbergera) thrives in a very cool room on the north-side of our cottage. The great thing about this plant is that it seems to thrive on neglect. I really have to try and not pay too much attention to it, which is really hard to do. Just looking at those gorgeous pink blooms makes me want to fuss. Having blooms that grow effortlessly on a houseplant during the holidays has earned it its name, the Christmas cactus. It is a welcome addition to the traditional holiday greenery festooned everywhere.

Zygocactus is native to the forest and jungles (sorta like home) of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. They literally grow out of the bark of the trees and a single plant can live for hundreds of years!

My zygocactus in particular grew from a cutting from the original plant belonging to my husbands grandmother. Passed down to his mother. And now I and my daughters have luscious Zygocactus blooming in our homes bringing fond memories of the loved ones whose homes were brightened by this wonderful plant long ago. And that’s just a tad awesome don’t you think?

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