Etched Glass

I have attempted to try my hand at glass etching over the years. And although I love the look of etched glass, my method of using a liquid etching (cheaper) than the traditional (yet more expensive) method using a sandblaster and sand, have resulted in a less appealing finished piece. I do finally have a small affordable blaster and hopefully it won’t be too long before I have time to give it a try.

In the piece displayed below, I simply placed my design drawn on a large piece of white paper onto one side of an old salvaged single pane window. Flipped it over and placed a piece of clear contact paper edge to edge on the frame. I then used a very sharp exacto knife and removed all the contact paper from the areas I wanted to receive the liquid etching. This is the tedious time consuming aspect of the project, but sure gives you time to think and I rather like that part of it. Always being careful of course to keeping focused on the design so as not to cut away the wrong parts. Sticking stuff back in place, not fun.

Once it is all cut out, you apply the liquid etching with a brush. I let my project sit in the bathtub for the recommended time and then just rinsed it off under the tap. Old glass from picture frames are a great cheap way to practice your etching skills. Etched wine glasses would make a nice gift for the holidays. Holly and berries a simple yet festive design that are pretty and easy to draw. Childrens coloring books are a great resource for simple holiday motifs.

This is my finished project using liquid etching. I am not completely happy with the shadowing left from the etching process. But the dim setting in my shop makes it more apparent then when it’s hanging in a lighter setting.

It’s hard to mimic the etching found in nature which though fleeting is always the most exquisite.

Kudos to Jack Frost.
The only thing missing is a rosy cheeked child peeking out.

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