Wallpaper. Either you love it, or you don’t. I lean to both. By necessity, according to my noggin at least, the walls of Panther Creek Cottage must be white. And white is flexible. There are a myriad of shades in white. It’s in the tint.
But that’s another topic, and I digress.

Suffice it to say, when life in the gray wooded winter of the Pacific Northwest happens 9 dadgum months out of the year, well, the light reflective quality of white paint is a must. I reckon a white painted wall as big piece of artist canvas begging to be used. Hence wallpaper.

It can be the frugal homemaker’s answer to art. Can’t afford the price on an original? Maybe an artist’s work in the form of wallpaper would be the answer. After all wallpaper has been used for centuries in beautifying the home. And there is some awesome work by talented artists available in wallpaper. Crazy cool! And more way cool is that wallpaper is sometimes available in samples. I could feasibly purchase a few pieces, mat and frame them, viola! How does your creative juice flow? Mine swirled over the work of Shanan Campanaro, and her nature influenced watercolor wallpaper through her shop Eskayel. I am smitten with Bear In Mind. But I was equally won over by Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow. Why? Because every piece has a story, either her own, or a historical figure that inspired her creation. I related instantly to her Christopher in Glenn, and children climbing trees. It reflects our life here at Panther Creek Cottage
and I could see a bit of it on my walls.

But I have come up with a different approach to my ho hum white painted walls, and have commissioned artists (of sorts,and varying ages)
to help me in my home beautifying endeavors.

They have complied.

Art coutesty of Ethan(12), Madeline(11), Gable(9), Alissa(8), Anna-Mae(6),Wyatt(3), and future artist Samuel((6mo.)

Visitors will often stand and admire my wallpaper.Their smiles make me smile.
A mixed media inspired use of graphite, watercolor, texture and crayola!
Some have pages and require handling. I like that tactile approach.

And always, there is a story.

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