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On our wine tour this past Thanksgiving weekend, my good friend(a fellow adventurer) and I journeyed to Big Table Farm. We were determined to travel the furthest corner of the wine tour map, out a long and winding canyon road to sip some award winning Pinot and taste fresh smoked pork belly.

An unassuming unpolished entry with the Big Table logo of spoon and fork tickled my love of simple aesthetics.
( Or, I’m a sucker for new ideas on using the ubiquitous T-post.)

Inside the 1890 era farmhouse, our co-host Clare Carver (the wife, she said),
poured us a glass of smokin’ Pinot Noir.

I’ll introduce you later.

In the comfort of the Big Table Farm kitchen we were introduced to the husband and winemaker on the right, Brian Marcy. Brian was assisted by the nice looking fellow on the left, serving up some fresh smoked pork belly,mmmm, raised there on their farm. With some crusty fresh baked baquette and artisan cheeses. oh YUM. Did I say yum? YUM. Food pairing with fresh farm products and handcrafted wine are the focus of
Big Table Farm.

But I am sure you would like to meet Clare.

Not Clare.
But a really nice lady helping guests with their purchases. That is the Big Table though. The one in which you can reserve a spot for a beautiful meal showcasing Big Table’s fresh farm raised products and wine selection.

Clares not here either,
but tucked in here and there were simple farm decor mingled with Clare’s art. She designs all their wine labels and other select winery’s too.
These sweet pigs were sitting above our heads on a little ledge.

Sorry, no Clare
But the little wooden chair, cow bells, oh my.
The detail of the wood trim on this old farm house amazes me.

:Yoohoo Clare!
I peered into this little pantry window. And what you can’t see because of the dimness,
Is the vintage lanterns and other pantry staples that lined the shelves.
No Wife.

Wait up there Clare.
Oops. just an old Datsun pick up.
A Datsun? When was the last time you ever saw one of those?

Okay, so no Clare.

But here’s her chickens. You like her chickens don’t you?
I’m a chicken. I mean when I wanted to take Clare’s picture for you I just couldn’t do it. See, she was busy pouring wine to an attentive crowd of oenophiles, expressing the delightful characteristics of Big Table Farm Wines. And well, I just couldn’t get up the gumption to disrupt their conversation to snap a shot.
So there. Sue me.
Or better yet visit Big Table Farm and get to know Clare. She really is a hoot.

2 thoughts on “Wine Country Tour

  1. Clare Carver says:

    thanks for the super sweet blog post… here I am !! : ) this is a great post — thanks for coming out to the farm I wish I'd had more time to chat and get to know all these great things you are doing!!! now that we are blog friends you MUST come back : )

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