Black Friday

It’s official. I have missed another Black Friday. It’s 10:00 am. Too late to for me to participate in the stampede. Too late perhaps to have my shoulder relocated when that hot deal is snatched from my clutching hands by an experienced Black Friday shopper trained in Special Ops.

Too late!!

Too late to learn the subtle art of groping.

Too late to stand in line in the wee hours of the morning. Exchanging strategies. Until the latch on the door is turned and the folks who had the misfortune of being at the back of the line rush the entrance.

Scruples and fair play don’t apply to Black Friday.
Unless you’re a wuss.

Too late for the joys of camping on Asphalt.

So here is my plan for the remainder of the day:

  1. Hike the hills with my dog, Jack.
  2. Stoke the home fires, and settle down to some creative planning (simultaneous doodling).
  3. Coffee and conversation later in the afternoon with my sis.
  4. Share creative ideas (ie.,frugal, thoughtful,memorable) for Christmas
  5. Embrace my inner wuss.

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