Happy Givingthanks Day

A bird is a bird is a bird.

You can pretty much bet that whether a little dry or perfectly moist, your taste buds know the familiar flavor of roast turkey. Same with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie for that matter. But the stuffing, even with it’s standard beginnings of bread cubes, there is so much variety to choose from. And to me the most memorable part of the thanksgiving meal is the stuffing. Tucked in there on your plate next to the potatoes, snuggled up to the turkey, is a taste delight. It’s flavor an infusion of the ingredients chosen and prepared by the cook. Ingredient choices could present an earthy flavored stuffing with the use of a variety of mushrooms and nuts. A more vegetable rendering with carrot, onion, and celery. Or a fruited offering using bits of apple or raisins. Or savory with herbs, sausage or even prosciutto. But what ever recipe you prefer, it is the stuffing that defines the meal. Gravy preparation is usually standard and it’s the technique employed that will usually make it a success worthy of gracing the plate.

Even if you consider yourself an expert thanksgiving cook, it’s good to review the basics from time to time. You may even learn a few new tricks like I did from a sweet little blog I like to visit called
Window On The Prairie.

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May your home be filled with warmth, love and God’s Grace.

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