Two Horses

That’s right. Two horses. Or to be more precise. Two horses asses.
Just the topic one would expect to find in a country gals blog right?

Not so fast ya’ll.

Behind these behinds is a complex story that surpasses their simple beauty.
And forever makes one ponder the historical significance,
of the horses butt.

Really you ask?
If you have a few minutes, you may be amazed to learn just what…..

The rocket boosters of a space shuttle…..

The width of railroad tracks

The wheel ruts made by the covered wagon…

The Roman Warrior’s chariot….

And the folks who lead us
all have in common with the width of

two horses asses

P.S. Dud or humdinger?
Maybe the moral of the story was phrased 100 years ago
by President Theodore Roosevelt.

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”

(all photos courtesy of google images)

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