I Like It Mossy

My toes are tapping, I want to be transported to NYC,

I want to briskly walk It’s sidewalks too in the crisp autumn air. Experience a flock of birds suddenly bursting into flight, and hear shop gates rattle open. And gosh darn, I even fancy a warm woolen gray skirt and black tights to boot.

Just watch this opening scene from “You’ve Got Mail”

right here

and listen to the sweet tune from the band, The Cranberries .  Oh, and imagine a nice hot 16 oz. Starbucks for that cozy fall feeling.  Hang with me now!

About the mossy bit? In the scene where George is leaving work to hurry home and light some incense for a hot date,

He says, sensuously, “I like it mmmmossy”.
And it’s what I quote every time I hike the hills around home.
Because, the moss, it’s everyyyywhere!


Moss above you, hanging from tree branches.

Moss beside you, clinging to tree trunks, growing ferns.

 Moss that grows on rocks.

 Moss below you, underfoot.

And the pocket moss.  Don’t leave home without it.

2 thoughts on “I Like It Mossy

  1. rees says:

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who finds moss so cool. I used to think it was only found in cooler climates or on the north side of tree but since I moved to Florida I see it everywhere. Nice photos.

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