Always frugally minded I am. So this past September, mid September to be exact, I was searching the garden for blooms to decorate picnic tables for a family gathering in our local park. Now I am not a great cultivator of FLOWERS. So I did feel a little flustered because I never feel prepared for these things. I always have some glossy magazine image stamped firmly in the forefront of my bean. I begin to mentally fret before realizing I must do what I can with what I have at hand, right where I’m at. (hmm… where have I heard that?)

My garden beds are predominately perennials and do not have much in the way of standard blooms for arrangements. But I would not be deterred in my search. Here is what I came up with.

I was pleased!

My simple arrangement was not only really quite lovely but the scents from adding some herbs was delightful as well.

I was happy to start with something traditional and familiar like Hydrangea. The Nikko Blue is an amazing cultivar if ever there was one. Once in bloom this home garden stalwart will change like a chameleon with the seasons. From it’s original blue back to green, then gray with touches of purple. I love it.

From the herb garden, I came up with some spikes of Russian Sage (not a true herb, but fragrant perennial), Lady’s mantle, and some Basil that had went to bloom. I also had a few stems of Chocolate basil that had lavender hued blooms. I wish I could of had a few more stems of those purpley brown leaves for contrast. A few sprigs of dill and it’s done.

Here are few other options I am keeping in mind for future arrangements.

Tomatillos! Why not?

Their dangly paper shells appear first to eventually fill with the actual tomatillo. My plants were covered with them at the end of the season.

Purple Sage.
Their hues mimic the coloring of the hydrangea I used. More fragrance to boot.

Same goes for the Echinops ( purple globe thistle).
Another lovely gray/purple perennial. It’s round spikey globes would definitely add some interest.

Lady’s Mantle (alchemilla mollis).
I always love it’s frothy look in any arrangement.

My noggin’s full of ideas, just waiting to be tried. How bout’ some raspberry stems with bright tell-tale fruit just hanging on at the end of summer for a touch of red. The spiky blue tops of Anise Hyssop ( Agastache), or tiny clustered Oregano tops. It’s not all about pumpkins and gourds folks.

And…. if you’re super duper lucky…. after collecting all your garden goodies…

You might convince your sister to put together another half dozen bouquets for you.

Now we’re talkin’.

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