House Remodel

For the last two years we have embarked on the journey and lessons of home remodeling. The plan was (however nuts it may seem to family and friends) was to rehab a small house for resell (aka flip). The timing however was not on our side. We couldn’t swing our hammers or fling paint fast enough to avoid the free fall in the housing market. We decided then to just take our time, work hard, apply the best of our knowledge and skill and pray for the best. Fortunately, we received the much needed guidance and expertise from a friend in the business who kept us on the straight and narrow. Who stopped us from shall we say, “doin’ it wrong”. That help was invaluable in our eventual sell of a cute little place to some folks who absolutely adored what we had accomplished. Now don’t get me wrong, the money, the kind of money we hoped for in an otherwise robust economy did not materialize as hoped for. But every now and again, I pass by that little cottage and say, “Man we built that”. A nice snug little home for a family. Makes me feel good. And hey, the days of working in cold rainy weather and peeing in a bucket were over.

Or so I thought.

Our first cottage completed in 2009.
Carlton, Oregon

It was fun building the cedar and elderberry branch trellis for an accent piece.


It wasn’t long, maybe a few months later, we spotted another cottage in need of TLC. This time we joined forces with our friend and his wife for a team project. Aptly named the “Pickme” house. Ahem, that’s french. And together we had the most fun completeing this project. A lot of work to be sure, but seeing every skill and design idea come together was way cool. We stripped and polished the vertical grain fir flooring in this ol’girl and she is b-e-a-u-tiful! All the wood trim work re-planed, re-painted and reinstalled. Whew. I don’t think this place had seen so much attention in years. But we are thrilled with what we have accomplished together. Hopefully, another family will feel the same.

Our second cottage, completed 2010.
Carlton, Oregon

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