You know the feeling. Warm days and cool nights. Fall is coming. Sorry, don’t hate me for the observation. But I really feel the waning of summer and the urge to run to and fro in an attempt to squeeze in anything and everything that makes for a memorable summer. My noggin is flooded with so many things I would like to see or do while there are a few more weeks left of this splendid summer, it has me wondering if I have ADHD. And I only mildly think that I may actually have it with all this unsettling to and fro business. And only right now. Only at this time of year. Didja ever feel this way too? I know that this season too shall pass (that’s the problem!) and the moments that beg me to ask……

Didja ever wish you could just stuff one more piece of sweet corn, watermelon or pie into your pie hole at the potluck family picnic?

Didja ever hear gregarious laughter from the far side of the picnic shelter, knowing it was Aunt Beverly, #6 child of Great Uncle Donald and she said something hysterical to make the whole table roar and you missed it?

ever ask around about who in the world brought the easy peasy cheesy all american dip complete with classic Ritz crackers and saltines. Please, who?
I love you and your dip.

Didja ever stand and gawk and wonder what cousin brought the great ride that took you ALL THE WAY BACK. Who did this to me? hmmm….

Didja ever stop mid conversation with one person because over their shoulder you spotted two veterans deep in conversation and for the life of you, you wanted to hear every cotton pickin’ word??

If I am the only one, I am really alone. Well, ‘cept for my good friend ADHD.

Didja ever just look out beneath the family banners, for just a moment, sigh and be glad from the top of your head to the tips of your toes for all these blessings and feel as if you would bust? I did but my brain would only let me think these thoughts for a few split seconds because…..

I needed to scurry on over and ask Aunt Maxine and Aunt Delores (83 and 79 years respectively) the secret for their youthfulness and downright cheerful natures. All this to and fro is exhausting and yet I keep going. Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin, into the future. Or something like that.

ever, ever, ever in your life feel this way too? For those of you who haven’t, how much you miss.

One thought on “Didja

  1. C-ingspots says:

    I love ya my darlin little friend!! And oh yes, I did and yes I do feel that way too!! Everybody's been noticing lately how the summer seems to be waning…walnut tree leaves are turning yellow, horses and dogs are shedding their summer coats, tomatoes are (hopefully) soon to be ripening and peaches are here (YUM!!), and above all else…it's now pertnear dark by 9:00!! Oh bloody buggars, how I hate that!! I love you my friend!! Call me and let's go for a walk or something before – you know.

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