Too much green?

Can there be too much green? Oh yes there can!

This view from my front yard looking down to Panther Creek hidden somewhere down there in a sea of green that screams, COLOR PLEASE! The peonies are history, the roses all but gone from marauding deer. We are left alone, in a world, of, green.

But wait…..


Hannah, my darling great niece, brings living color to the landscape with her sunny blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and bright red popsicle.

That adorable girl, bless her heart, saved the day and challenged the greenery in her darling embroidered sundress and…

Velcro tennies?

Well if it’s one thing I know, there are too many rocks, stickers and other pokies in the country not to wear sensible shoes. And that’s all I got to say about that.

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