About the Greenhouse

Here she be in all her glory, well almost glory.
This gal won’t be fully dressed without her doors.

With all the gardening and such going on, we have put off installing the doors to our green house for now. But they are lovely, trust me, two very different but vintage doors painted the same
Mark Twain Brick Grey.

The louvered solar shutters are in, and work perfectly. Love it when that happens, amen?

Cottage view

Garden Shed view.

Lots of goodies to plant or pot up.

Not exactly the seating I have in mind, but will do for now. The greenhouse floor needs to have brick. Red reclaimed or gray pavers, I can’t decide.

I do know for sure a salvaged claw foot tub will sit in the west corner with a little view of the trees. Our hillbilly version of a hot tub filled with lovely spring water for soaking in after a day in the garden.

I think these garden helpers are gonna enjoy a splash in the tub too.
Bless their pea pickin’ hearts!

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