Tool #4

The tools mentioned in my earlier posts took a bit of personal energy,okay. But the last tool in my hillbilly bag of tricks, tool #4, requires absolutely no expenditure of my being whatsoever, well, maybe some sipping of tea as I watch the jungle being trimmed bite by bite.

Good morning boys.
Nice to see you at work bright and early!

We picked up our crew in spring and then all summer into late fall they fatten up on the grass and browse on our small acreage. They will eventually be destined for the freezer of our friends who delight in the tasty goat meat these chunky Boer goats provide.

The cycle will begin again next spring of course. But I like the rhythm of this kind of life. Knowing what to expect for the most part and embracing each season as it comes. And goes.

Like the garlic, planted last fall

I’ve recently pulled the tender shoots mid spring time (they are delicious when sauteed in butter). This helps the garlic put all its energy into producing plump large bulbs for picking in July. Then the drying process for winter storage.

Another cycle completed.
And another post.

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