Remember the Machete and Hand Swather in the hillbilly bag of tricks?
Those tools required swing.
Tool #3?

(Tool # 3 includes a free cardio workout)

This darlin’ was a sweet deal. I found her propped up in a corner of the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore amongst the cast off sinks, tubs and other miscellaneous donations. Smith and Hawkin didn’t survive our current economy. That’s sad for a company that consistently produced high quality garden tools.

But for this frugal hillbilly housewife with 50 bucks in her pocket,


The whir of the blades gently snipping off delicate blades of lawn grass so neatly seemed a mere whisper in comparison to the roaring sound of my neighbors lawn tractor echoing through our holler.

I heart lawn lines left by the mower, truly I do.

Next post: Tool #4 (the best for last)

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