The swing of things

In my last post I shared the joys of the Machete’, the hillbilly weed whacker.

But how bout’ this sweetheart

Ummm,we call it a hand swather, but truly it’s proper name I would not know. Proper names are what golfers use for those tools in their golf bags. Iron, wood, putter. They all have a specific purpose for the job at hand. Exactly the same idea around the farm. The hillbilly bag of tricks contains the proper tool for the job at hand too. Only we just don’t care (or know?) just what the dadburn tool is called. All I know is when I saw this tool at a farm sale, I imagined the old timey farmer using it, and knew we needed to add it to our cache of nameless but indispensable tools. Whether it’s the nine iron or the swather however, they both have this in common,

It’s all in the swing.

I hold the swather with two hands much like a golf club. Swinging it back and forth as I move through a grassy area and before you know it. A nice clean swath.

Excuse me, incoming notion.
What if I find a golf bag to put all my weird-named tools in, and then just tote them behind me, pulling out the proper (improperly named)tool for a particular hole, I mean job?

Hey Bud, hand me the nine iron will ya, I mean the whacker er’, swather I mean.

Oh,yeah,and I would definitely need a caddy,named Bud.

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