Great Starts

I am feeling under the gun here to get seeds started for spring planting. Using my own el primo cheapo seedling soil I make by scratch that you can find right here, I have three flats of tomato seeds started. I will only use a few mind you. I’m not completely nuts, yet. But it’s so great to share starts with friends and gift someone with a nice heirloom tomato variety like Brandywine or Stupice. Since most of us give in to that innate sense of nurturing and coddling over youngun’s, who can resist a fresh green tomato plant with all the potential it holds for splendid summer meals or canning. Just one sniff of a young tomato plant and I know I am hooked. Here what was happening in my laundry room a few weeks back. These babies are now relishing life in my new greenhouse, while basil seeds are taking their place in the laundry room.

The necessary cruelty of thinning out the newly sprouted tomato plants.

And I didn’t stop there like maybe I should have. I cleaned up some houseplants and now have young starts taking root in water on my kitchen window sill. No, I haven’t gone totally berserk. I have enrolled in a basket weaving class at a local farm with a well respected craftwoman in the art, so I am hopeful I will produce my very own wares to contain these new little plantings.

I deviously stole some time away in my shop in all this spring hustle and came up with this little sign using scrap wood, some rusty plumbers tape, rusty wire, and a little paint.

That’s right baby, finding time to do something just for fun so it’s not all work. Have a Splendid Spring. Happy planning and don’t forget to take time to have a little fun too.

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