I had a wreck in the blogosphere, unintentionally, yet a bit of a fender bender all the same. And like any crash I spent the last few hours and days in answering this question: Did I cause this accident? How? and so on. I have mulled it over and over, and all this reflecting has brought me to yet another crashing conclusion. There is a new phenomena that has hit the countryside. It has crept up rather slowly, but it has indeed taken hold like bindweed in a corn patch. And that is, there seems to be an exodus from the corporate world by a NEW and highly educated country woman. Beware, you may have one moving near or (heaven help you) next to you soon. And honey, she ain’t interested in your years of knowledge gained by the grit of your teeth or the sweat of your brow, or your mama’s, or be askin‘ to borrow a cup of sugar anytime soon.

There has been a lot of learnin‘ that has earned the old era country woman her stripes. We have been schooled in the trenches of sweat labor on our farms over the years. Our frugality as a necessity. Sustainable living flowed naturally before the enlightened supposedly found it and coined the name. Honestly, we didn’t know we were green, we thought we were just tanned from working the garden. We have embraced the rigors of raising a family, tending livestock, growing and preserving gardens, and bringing in the hay, and we thank God almighty everyday for the privilege. But there is a new and enlightened country woman who has taken up residence in the acreage next door to folks the country over. She is armed with her library of “country living manuals” and is being joined in ever increasing numbers by her gal pals who have also experienced the epiphany of living the simple life, if only for the farm fresh organic eggs. It is as if they were the first to experience this way of life and certainly, because of their $30,000 plus college educations, it would be ludicrous to think that a simple country woman could possibly teach them anything. So they flock together to puff each other up and pat each other on the back, and commiserate on the difficult yet joyous journey of their new found lives, in a bubble of their own creation and call it good. But that’s okay, by the grace of God I will approach life in the margins with the same mind I have applied in my country life these last 30 years. As fertile ground where I am confronted with yet another opportunity to employ what this country life has taught me thus far. I will simply roll up my sleeves and get to work. And when the row gets a little too tough to hoe, I’ll pour me a piping hot cup of coffee and have a cookie. Maybe chocolate chip.

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