Limbing Up

So when our youngest daughter looked dreamily into the eyes of her beloved and said “I do”, I dreamily thought of this future scene right here.

Her Captain Forearms limbing up these trees for her folks. The ones she helped them plant when she was just a sprout. It was…..a vision splendor. But then the sweaty behemoth with scratched and bloody arms emerged like sasquatch from the woods. And well, it weren’t pretty.

What’s that? Are we communing with Mother Tree(sa)?
Hey, if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother-in-law. And this is my one joy.

The sunlight shines all dappled on the forest floor now. Limbing up these trees today will produce cleaner lumber free from knots for the most part a few decades from now. We might not ever see harvest time for this young forest in our life time, but someone, someday will. Maybe Captain Forearms.

I appreciate the valuable renewable resource that are our forests. I feel very privileged to live among the trees for the basic necessity of warmth and shelter they provide for us.

Happiness is a full stack of perfectly dried and split firewood.

Musings from the holler.

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