Dirt Cheap!

Seed starting time has come again. I would be dreaming of warm spring days to come about right now. But hey! We got the best weather ever around these parts. Freaky weird. I was able to enjoy the rare sunshine to get my little flats ready for starting seeds. Thought I’d share about a nifty little tool HH made for me. You know HH. Head Hillbilly? He’s always amakin’ me stuff, God blessem”.

A perfectly simple item made of 1″x2″ lumber with fine mesh screening tacked on. Great. I can easily shred up large chunks of peat moss with this puppy. A handy little mill for the cottage woman. Cause she be cheap and don’t wanna buy the high falutin’ bag of premium seed starting medium!

Add a good helping of perlite and mix well.

There you have it. Your own premium dirt. CHEAP.

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3 thoughts on “Dirt Cheap!

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Hey there you crazy cottage woman!! Have I told you lately that I love you!!?? Well, I do dammit, can you see that I am your friend?? Crazy cottage woman – I am your friend!!
    Don't forget it.

  2. panthercreekcottage says:

    oh yeah ali this tool would be great for you. yoohoo Adam, where are you?

    Lor…eeee… oh wise and crazy horse woman. I do see. shumanitatanka owagee… I will always be your friend. ( I raise my spear here)

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