Northwest Natives

Every February the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in our county holds a sale of native plantings of the Pacific Northwest. You can pick up your pre-order and… if you want some of their other rare offerings, well… you gotta get their plum early. We arrived plenty early to a bunch of folks perusing the aisles, clipboards with order forms and crates were aflyin’. I quickly got in line and persuasively encouraged the Head Hillbilly to go. Go now. Please!, get me some Trillium. He went for it, bless him.

My Booty:

Pacific Osier Dogwood
Pacific Rhododendron,
Highbush Cranberry,
Oregon Oxalis,

Last year’s cache was predominately the patriarchal Douglas Fir along with some Grand Fir, Cedar and Ponderosa Pine. But our funkysweet little green house needs some dolling up and I thought a native garden viewed from within (whilst I soak of course) would be lovely.

Go figure, Panther Creek Cottage and the rest of Northwest Oregon is experiencing the most awesome Spring like weather, in February?!! The natives are goin’ wild!

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