Gracias El Nino

Unbelieveable, hee hee, I get to paint the trim on the greenhouse in late January! Oh so happy, yes ma’am. Supposedly in our neck of the woods, a typical El Nino year will have a couple of peculiarly warm winter months. And I mean weird warm. But, a gullywasher March will usually follow. Ha, I don’t care. I’m painting dude!

So I threw in the cozy cottage kitchen towel for the time being to take in the opportunity with HH (Head Hillbilly) to get a little more done on the greenhouse. So here she is folks, coming along just fine, Si?

Our little cottage in the woods is so snug and warm, like a little squirrels nest we can curl up inside of during the winter months. And I love it. But stepping into this light soaked airy space on a cold, rainy or even by golly stormy day will be a treat ya’ll. But I get a notion in my head of a soaking tub in that thar greenhouse. And I imagine this cottage woman lollygaggin’ in bathsalts and lavender under the trees. whoooeeee…

El Nino? Vaya con Dios!

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