New Year & Old friends

As I was getting ready to write a new post titled “Comfort & Joy” with a peek into my cottage kitchen, I came across two photos I took on New Years Eve.

Back the truck up right there friends. And switch gears.

A little tribute is in order I think.

For good friends, I am truly thankful. To bring in the New Year, at a dance, with dear friends like Kenneth and Wilma, well that’s just tops in my book, or at least pert near. These youngun’s live just up yonder a piece, not far from us, up in the big woods.

“Pssst…. They got hitched when barely in their teens!”
” Whatdaya say bout’ that Dr. Dobson?”

And boy howdy the way they can swing!

Scuff scuff….spin and stomp.
The schotish.

A little two step, polka, waltz, the horseshoe, sweethearts stroll and whew…

But here’s what we did best.

Just feast your eyes on that will ya? Years of use produced that lovely patina.
The light and dark butted up together. The earthy shades of brown.

Yup, there’s nothin’ purtier then the beautiful wood floor of the local grange hall.


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Thursday, January 7, 2010 – Untitled Comment

Posted by Lorie (
Oh Betty, I just love that last picture. It is so pretty!! Love that floor. I would truly love to go dancing with you guys sometime. That sounds like so much fun! Biff is actually a much better dancer than I will probably ever be…2 left feet or whatever, but I’m surely a clutz. But what the heck!! I’ve gotten to be quite good at making a fool of myself, so whatever!! I just wanna have fun! It sounds like you two had a good time bringing in the new year. We stayed home, got into an argument and I spent the eve in the barn with the horses so not all was lost. I miss you my friend. For sanity sake, I would love to go for a walk in the woods and then share a couple of cold ones in that sauna with you. Let’s set a date soon, shall we? I’ll bring the beverages *wink*.

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