Grandma’s Christmas Workshop 09′

Ifin’ it ain’t that time again!

Time for another Grandma’s Christmas workshop in my most favorite place. Remember? The one HH (Head Hillbilly) built for me?

The woodburning stove we installed kept us nice and toasty. You can open the doors on this little stove and attach a screen to watch the fire. And you gotta know how toasty my heart was seeing a couple of our littlest grandchildren sitting in their wee little chairs (choke, sniffle) in front of the fire, sipping their hot chocolate (sniff). Dadburn kids!

Shoot! I think I was set up for all this hullabaloo when I was setting up the workshop table listening to Andre Bocelli sing What child is this. That pert near did me in.

I think the last straw was seeing the children make their Christmas ornaments with their parents. I love their interaction. Ever see big burly man hands cutting, folding, gluing paper with small child hands?

I was plum wore out with emotion. whoooeee...

Here’s what my darlin’ angel babies made.

A little Christmas box ornament!
Never throw away a Christmas card.
You just might need em’.

Inside, the nativity and scripture.
A little treat tucked inside for Christmas morning would be special.

Some of the kids went home and made more for their friends and family. You can make dozens of these little boxes yourself. Just watch this “how to” video on Etsy

Betcha can’t make just one!

God’s blessings for a joyous Christmas ya’ll,

and a very blessed New Year.


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