To Bed

Solomon’s words about there being a season for everything under the sun is so true. And the saying,” a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” ( I think that’s how goes…?) is equally true.

The Christmas season is right around the corner. All the preparations and planning are well under way for most of us. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone already. Preceeding that, all the harvesting and putting up for winter. Astonishingly somewhere in there the gardens were put to bed. Rakes and hoes stored away. Hoses rolled up and tucked away as well. Hay stored in barns, cover crops planted, tender plantings covered, the mulching… It amazes me how physically intense and short that season is. But it all happened didn’t it? And here we are, it’s Christmas time. I’m totally tatertottered!

So before scurrying down Christmas lane I think I will peek out on the sleeping garden all tucked in for the winter one last time.

A cover crop comforter. Very coz

Delightful, that is the word to describe the earthy smell of well composted oak leaves and the perfect bedding for any well made garden bed.

Christmas blessings ya’ll


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