Not Cutesy

I have a new picture of our greenhouse/potting shed in progress,Yippee, at least one side is finished. Here it is.

The windows have a fresh coat of paint and are now in place on the south facing side.

Tain’t done with the others. Things git done in their own hillbilly time her’in hillbilly land.

I surfed the web (instead of painting, hmmm…) to see what other folks have built, and well, here is one that is absolutely adorable! Very not like ours, but very cutesy. What do you think?

cutesy potting shed

But then I did stumble on one that was indeed similar to ours in a woodsy sort of way. Take a look.

woodsy potting shed

I even stumbled and fell right on an exact replica of Panther Creek Cottage. I was stunned and amazed. See for yourself!

Welcome to Panther Creek Cottage.
Home sweet home to Mr.&Mrs. Squirrel Nutkin.

Their modest little bed tucked under the eaves.

And their wee little shoes by the hearth.


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