One look and you will say the same,


No sooner had I calmed my little self down over not harvesting one dadburn tater this year, and… my lament over my store bought bag of rotten spuds, that I read this blog post from Ginger of Suburban ‘Steader, aka zucchinimom.

Gohead, hop on over there. I’ll just wait here practicing how to write zuchinni I mean zucchini

See, what I mean??

Yeah baby, GRANDTATER!

About those ‘maters (again)

Folks just love em’ I’m tellin’ ya. And will stand guard against the creepy tomato hornworm, ACK! Wanna get up close and personal with one? Stroll through the garden with Karen at Hopeful Heart.

Did you also know you can have a garden full of rich, deep, dark goodness?

Slow baked to perfection?

Observe the light and airy crumb!

So fluffy and delicate.

So heavenly that it radiates an aura!

Wait a minute! That’s a smudge on my lens. My other lament—
“Can’t things just stay clean around here? ” Hmmm…?

Well, at least the garlic will think it is delicious and grow silly in the stuff all winter long. You can find my recipe here, and it really is easier than it looks.

The daughter likes to give directions these days, and the mama would tell the young whippersnapper a thing or two but I appreciate the help, dadgum it.



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