Boy Howdy

Oh the peace that washed over my soul! Lordy, it felt good to read my last post’s Oops, we did it again comments and to know, I am not the only hillbilly gal out there.

“Boy Howdy, ifin’ it ain’t!”

Yes’m , I dun larn’t me some new words too. And ifin’ that don”t git all
, about the project mentioned in my previous post, I was asked,

” Just what ya gon do wit it?”

That’s a toughy. I don’t know what to even call it really. I have adamantly refused in the past to call the workshop DH built for me, my “studio”. So I’m stumped. You see, this new structure will be part greenhouse, part potting shed, part storage and, umm, aaaa, welll.. a bathhouse?

There’s a corner reserved in that thar buildin’ forin a big ol’ clawfoot tub!

” Gonna be a doin me some a sitn’ and some a sokin’. ”

Okay, enough already. I know! I promise, no more, really.

So what to call it? Don’t know, you tell me. Please?

Hillbillyessence aside, over the years we have collected quite an assortment of old wood framed windows, including the ones out of our own ‘1911’ cottage here on the creek. I have been scraping out old window glazing and reputtying (see, reputtying, I don’t get it, I am sure there is hillbilly word that would make more sense) but a promise is a promise….

With all this scraping I wondered about some of the possible lead paint. Hmmmm…. I keep scraping willy nilly(not a hillybilly word?, whew, I’m safe). With all this scraping, multiple layers of paint have begun to peek through. I really loved the worn look of all the layers of paint that were used over the years and I have to ask “Lime green?” What? Who would paint that color? On their house!?

I truly love the bare wood ones that I also have in my window booty, just as they are. But I must give heed to common sense (a hillbilly virtue) and realize that new paint would be the best protection from the elements and from what eventually happens to all things left bare in Oregon weather…. rot.

We’re recycling old barn wood that we have accumulated over the years into this project. Rummaging through and salvaging good ones, tossing rotten ones into the burn pile. We found more rotten ones than expected, therefore we won’t have enough to go around our structure completely. So the east entry and south facing side will be barn wood and the north side and west side we will clad in rough cedar fence boards, all in board and batten fashion. That’s it in a black walnut shell so far. Next week we will hopefully have the carbonate roofing in place. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

In the meantime, here’s an adorable version of the same idea I found at the Farm Chicks web journal. A-dor-a-ble! You can have a looksy here.

Blessins’ ya’ll (oopsy)

Anna- Mae Josephine and her bunny

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Monday, October 12, 2009 – Untitled Comment

Posted by simpleoldgurl (
LOL! What a cool post! I love tthe hillbillyese, as we down her’in calls it!

Thank you for coming to see me today, and very much for the friend add. I will be reading over your posts, and look forward to getting to know you!

God bless you, from this ole’ hillbilly in SC!

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