Cowgirl Wisdom

She’s my gal pal. My go to cowgirl who always picks me up, heads me towards the west, and says, “giddup”.

She’s my longtime friend, my lone commenter (most times), my guru of all things, well…. horsey.
No matter what ails me, she can always somehow make it all better with some of that tried and true cowboy, er, cowgirl wisdom.

Like recently, my crybabyness over our new dog, “Jack”. Lorie says, “Now friend”(not really, but it fits her, really) “You got to get through it, before you can get over it”. That little nugget she learned at a horse training clinic with the beloved late Ray Hunt, cowboy extraordinaire.

Lorie bucked up, as cowgirls do, when one of their herd stepped on her toe, mashed it black and blue sending her to the hospital and even (yuck) having her toenail surgically removed, she can take it, but the mere mention of Ray Hunt will make her cry. I love that about her, and you gotta love her too. I know you will.

“Giddup'”, and go read all about Lorie here. We can all use a little cowgirl wisdom now and again.

Wait a minute… She is over in Hawaii… vacationing… the rat! Doin’ the hula, and swimming with the dolphins.

I see she has invited us along. Thank you my friend. Can’t wait to see the photos.

In the meantime
I will persevere,
get through it,
get over it.
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Monday, September 14, 2009 – dagnabbit!! You’ve made me cry again.

Posted by Lorie (
Oh, how I love you my beautiful little friend!!! I feel honored by your words and friendship. Thank you for making me feel very special today. :)

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