Bad Ugly

There are unavoidable circumstances when your beloved pet dies. Not too long ago, whenever I went outside, there would be my Gus, innocently basking in a little patch of sunshine. But at sundown, he turned into Super Dog, guardian of Panther Creek Cottage. He treed a passel of raccoons one night I remember. He kept up until I acknowledged his feat the next morning, then he retreated and let them go. “Good boy, Gus”, those pesky critters can open a barrel of grain in no time. He would run off skunks too. It would be so hard to praise him after those odorous feats. He absence has been profoundly felt. Now the marauding deer gleefully feast on our vegetable garden and roses in the wee hours of the night. Ol’ Gus would never have tolerated that!!

So instead of greeting our beloved watch dog in the morning, these days I wake to this view……

My former foam cushion I so dearly depend on for working in the garden.
Somethin’ is goin’ down here folks and it ain’t pretty.

I couldn’t possibly show the entire chaos that has spread over the place like a disease. It’s ugly, bad ugly. And it could only mean one thing….


How a small adorable little ball of cuteness could be responsible for such a mess, I will never know. Oh Lordy, if only we could fast forward a few years. We see glimmers of hope though, in the short few months since welcoming Jack into our lives, he has become an avid hunter of snakes, squirrels and moles. He delights in tossing around bumblebees too. The deer Jack!, the deer…

Abundant blessings to you and your garden too.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 – What a beautiful puppy!

Posted by vgauthier
I know it’s hard to move on from a beloved pet, but this little monster looks up to the job of future watchman of the farm! Oh how much a puppy can chew though…lol. I had one puppy when I was just out of high school that chewed one heall off of every pair of shoes I owned, all in one shift of my work!!!

He’s got a great home, and will settle in, but with such an adorable face, he’s liable to get spoiled!


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Wednesday, September 2, 2009 – love this!!!

Posted by Lorie
Oh thank you so much Betty!! You’ve just given me the best belly laugh I’ve had all day, maybe all week!! Oh my, he is ADORABLE!!!! You cracked me up with this story because I had completely forgotten about the puppy, and was thinking…would deers do that???
And, then the picture of his adorable little self made me laugh out loud. You simply must be mistaken, for I just can’t believe that such an angelic face could even remotely be responsible for such demonic acts. It’s the acts of terrorists!!! That’s it, I’m sure of it!! Blame it on terrorists!! The puppy couldn’t possible be to blame…please give him a big old smooch for me huh? Don’t ya just love puppies???
:) I love you my friend…thanks for checking in with me yesterday.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009 – Cutie patootie!

Posted by Anonymous
What a character you have there. I hope dear Jack gives you and Fitz many years of delightful fun and laughter. So sorry about your beloved Gus. . .all of use who love our pets get to that point sooner or later. Danna

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