The Accused

The A cussed Accused

Poor little man. In my earlier post I was merciless towards this little guy, accusing him of all kinds of mayhem. Mr. Robin Redbreast was accosted with out mercy from a plastic owl toting cottage woman set on his demise if need be, anything to keep him and his mob out of my carefully tended garden. But Alas! There has been a treatise. I may even fashion him a tiny crown welcoming him back to the garden, restoring his rightful place amongst the cabbbages.

I was set straight about the importance of birds in the garden while reading the book ” Teaming with Microbes” by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis. It seems the years of “uppening” the soil of our cottage gardens have brought the reappearance of so many Robins to our place.

The book explains that Robins are evidence of a healthy soil food web. Microbes, arthropods and the familiar oligochaetes (huh?), fat tasty segmented earth worms, in healthy soil far outnumber the Robins. It refers to Robins as great microbial taxicabs, depositing these healthy critters attached to their bodies and feet all over the garden as they hop from place to place looking for tasty worms. Go for it boys! Funny how I can sit back now with a nice iced tea and actually enjoy watching a Robin frolicking in the sprinkler instead of a cussing it!

The role of moles is also beneficial as the book reveals but I REFUSE to go there.

Summer Blessings

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009 – hee hee

Posted by Lorie
Oh dear – you do crack me up!! I read your last post and could not help but laugh at your banterings against the poor robins. There’s plenty of birds that I dislike, but I love robins – especially the fat ones. Too cute!! So very happy to hear that you have changed your opinion of the lovely (and innocent) robin for they are a blessing in the garden. So…Miss Betty Contrary…(kidding) just how does your garden grow? My tomatoes are conspiring to take over the world, I do declare!! And my berries are going bananas too!! It has been a good year so far for the growing of things it would seem. But then again, I wonder if it is the addition of all that fine grade A horse poop that bas been composting for several years that we’ve used exclusively???? Hmmmm?? Me thinks the credit goes to the hay burners fer sure!!
Gotta get me somethin’ of use from the critters!
Heard about your canoeing trip from the mattster – sounds like a blast!! You and me need to do something together in celebration of these wonderful summer daze!!! Call me and let’s make a date my friend!! I’m hoping to take a few days off soon for I’m desperately needing some downtime…

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