I have been in a conundrum lately. I received some kind words from Amy of Desires of My Heart on my last post. Amy said she would love to know what kind of things I do in the wonderful shop (my most favorite place) that my husband so lovingly built for me.

What? What do I do?….. WHAT!?

I am standing in my most favorite place and I ask my self, “What DO you do?” I need to escape the conundrum and so I look around and around, and of course I am not sure what I do.

“I know I do something, I tell myself.”

” Remember when you made this, remember when you made that.” I say to myself.

Surely, I do something I think. Aha!, I do, I DO have something I can share. Here goes.

I realize that most of what I have created in the past have found new homes. Like the old orphan chairs I find and repaint, I think that is sooo much fun to do. But I don’t have a picture, sorry.

I also like old windows ( got tons!) . One I fashioned to hold my Norman Rockwell prints of the “Four Freedoms”. And this old window here I etched with a grape motif, it hangs in my shop, but it will soon go to my daughter.


Yes, Oh Yes! this is very therapeutic, I feel the brain fog lifting already!

Wreaths. Did I mention wreaths?

The forest is full of goodies and I always, I mean always find some treasure to drag home from my hikes in the hills. This is my woodland wreath chock full of mossy twigs, leaves, lichen, and oaky thingys. The little piece of wood hanging on the left side there is actually a signature tag. Here is a close up–

I favor the little tree stamp on a tiny piece of wood with a bit of rusty wire don’t you?

Alrighty then, just a glimpse of some of my creative outbursts. Wouldn’t it be great to do all the fun projects you have in your mind, and the time to do them all, when your brain isn’t in a fog?

Me too.

Oh, one more! (can’t stop me now.)

A keysafe made from a washboard. A bit of it anyway.

It’s hard to make out, but those are little wooden magnets with tiny wineglasses on them. Do I like the grape motif? I guess.

Who opened Pandora’s box? Be warned, you may see more in the future.

Thanks Amy


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